Mission and Vision


Our mission is to Motivate youth to be faithful, loyal and true to the Lord and His work. We will accomplish this by:
  1. Providing opportunities for youth to become acquainted with Christian youth from all over the state of Mississippi who share the same interests.
  2. Guiding youth in the right direction that will lead to strong leadership for the cause of Christ by providing mature Christian Teaching and social exchange.
  3. Providing youth the privilege of self-expression affording them the opportunity to work together, exhibiting their personal worth, abilities and God-given talents.
  4. Stimulating youth to become involved in their communities by providing community-based projects
  5. Increasing spiritual knowledge and extending a youthful Christian influence in confronting contemporary issues.
  6. Illuminating their spiritual outlook and empower their dream of spiritual fulfillment.


To groom spiritually minded, doctrinally sound youth who have the knowledge and zeal to lead the present and future church according to the Word of God.