Essay Guidelines

High school seniors from each congregation are encouraged to write an essay for this year's conference. We would like to encourage all youth, especially seniors, to excel in written communication skills. What better way to start than by writing an essay for the Conference. Guidelines are provided to help each youth present a quality essay on the current Mississippi State Youth Conference theme, "Powered Up: Powered Down For What?-Christian Youth Living Life on Holy Spirit Maximum (Galatians 5:13-26).

  • Maximum essay length is 500 typewritten words. Essays will not be returned.
  • Your essay must be on the current youth conference theme.
  • Your essay will be judged on:
      1. Creative Content - Use a unique perspective or point of view.
      2. Idea Development - Was the idea developed to its fullest extent? Can the reader understand
         and appreciate the author's rationale?
      3. Writing Style - Includes format, spelling, punctuation, grammatical and typographical errors.
      4. Essays must be neat, including margin balance.
      5. Essays must be typed (double-spaced, using a 12 size font and a 1-inch margin).
      6. Essays must relay clear, understandable thought.
      7. Thoughts or quotations from sources other than your own creation must be noted as such.
      8. All essays must be submitted by or before May 16, 2015. No essays will be accepted after the
         deadline date nor on the day of registration.
      9. Four copies of the essay must be submitted.

Send Essay Entries to

Mississippi State Youth Conference
1202 North Street
Cleveland, MS 38732